Artist Statement

In rural locations in Pennsylvania, Vermont and Maine, I paint views that evoke a connection to nature. I capture the unique sense of place, in its intimacy or grandeur, with pencil and oil paint. My brushwork is loose and energetic focused on weaving together distinct moments in changing light. My palette strikes a balance between reducing nature into primaries and capturing mood through nuanced hues and tones. Large, loosely defined areas lead to more detailed moments in a rhythmic build-up of strokes. Tension builds between the deep space of the landscape and the flattening brushwork that echoes the picture plane. Brushstrokes follow nature’s shapes but are not held captive by them. Lines, planes, colors and hatched strokes flow into each other freely in the romantic tradition of Constable and Marquet. The challenge of building an open composition in nature has been my lifelong passion and sustaining artistic goal.

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